The Lavender Spirit


Listen to the lavender spirit. She is so calm, yet so strong. She is dainty and delicate, yet her deep roots and foundation keep her grounded. She rises again after the harsh winters. Lavender teaches us that there is strength in serenity. When we are calm, we are stronger. We are able to have more clarity so that we can respond to life rather than react. Calmness gives us the power of choice. I've had the pleasure of spending an extended amount of time in her presence, learning from the knowledge that she holds, taking the time to listen to her sweet wisdom. During this time, I was able to utilize the plant material in many ways. Most days, I drank lavender tea to connect with her, but I also made a lavender extract, a tincture, used her in spellwork and skincare, and made herbal smoke blends. Her energy came through in different ways, depending on how I used her. For me, her energy is attracting, loving, soothing and calming, extremely protective, and beautiful. She feels like a best friend to me; like I've been connected with her for years. Maybe it's just in my DNA. After all, humans have coexisted with lavender for thousands of years. 

Lavender has been fundamental to the evolution of society. It has been cultivated for as long as we have cultivated grains. Back when humans used to wash their clothes in the river, they would hang their freshly washed clothes over a lavender bush for the aroma. That's actually where the name lavender came from. It's Latin root, lavare, means 'to wash.' But lavender has so much more to offer than it's aroma. 

Medicinal Properties

Essential vitamins and minerals

  • The recommended consumption of iron is 9-10mg per day. One serving of lavender can provide 2mg of iron. This helps ease symptoms of anemia and fatigue.
  • The recommended consumption of calcium is 1200mg per day. One serving of lavender provides 215mg of calcium. This eases menstrual cramps and soothes premenstrual syndromes.

Treatment of anxiety and depression

  • Lavender is naturally calming, sedative, and anti-convulsive

Pain reliever

  • Lavender helps relieve pain. It also helps with stamina, so it works good to drink a cup of lavender tea before a workout.

Fighting respiratory issues

  • It is a natural stimulator that will help eliminate phlegm from the body.

Treats acne

  • Consume for properties that effectively fight acne-causing bacteria. Use topically for reduced redness and swelling.

Improves sleep quality

  • Inhalation reduces the stress response, lowering heart rate & increasing variability of heartbeat.

Headache relief

  • Rub lavender oil on temples, neck, and forehead for relief.